Penlon Customers Receive High-Quality Customer Service

Penlon customers enjoy high-quality products with positive and responsive customer service when working with Penlon, according to a recent survey.

Penlon Customers Receive Responsive Customer Service

Penlon Customers Receive High-Quality Products and Responsive Customer Service
Penlon recently completed our annual international customer feedback survey, and the overall response was very encouraging, emphasising the value of the Penlon brand.

We are proud to report that the results were very positive. There was a particular focus on the quality of our products, with 89% of respondents saying Penlon products were ‘High‘ or ‘Very High Quality‘, which is a testament to the capability of our engineering, production and quality systems. In addition, most people surveyed said that Penlon products have ‘High‘ or ‘Very High Functionality‘ (78% of respondents) and are ‘Easy‘ or ‘Extremely Easy to Use’ (86%).

More than 88% of customers who completed the survey rated their customer service experience with Penlon positively. An impressive 99% of respondents said Penlon is responsive to their product queries, whether from the sales team, service team or one of the many colleagues that provide additional information where needed.

As a manufacturer of world-class medical equipment, our culture of continuous improvement is at the heart of what we do. Encouragingly these survey results showed that our customers would like to see changes in areas that have already been identified internally as areas where we can improve. The future for Penlon and our customers is looking good!

POSTED: 14/08/2023
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