Launch of the Penlon Sigma EVA Vaporizer for Desflurane

Penlon Ltd announces the launch of the new Sigma EVA, an advanced electronic vaporizer specifically designed to provide a better way to deliver of Desflurane.


Penlon is one of a very small number of companies to have developed and launched a vaporizer for Desflurane.

“Desflurane is an important drug that provides precise control of the depth of anaesthesia and earlier emergence in comparison with other agents. It is especially suitable for bariatric and neurological surgery”.
Dr Gabor Vereczkey DEAA, Consultant Anaesthetist and Cardiologist

The Sigma EVA vaporizer is significantly lighter than competitor models in the market and has an improved filling system. It is easy to install and use, has a fast warm-up time, is compatible with Selectatec® and Drager Auto-Exclusion® mounting systems and that will allow it be fitted to the vast majority of anaesthesia systems. It also has a 30 minute battery back-up.

“The Sigma EVA is a real achievement using a combination of innovative technologies and a patented design that results in a product that delivers accurate agent delivery, even at low flow rates”.
Cliff Kersey, Head of New Product Development at Penlon Ltd
“We are extremely excited to introduce this innovative new product that will be available through our worldwide distribution networks, including a long term supply agreement with a global pharmaceutical corporation”.
Mr Sunil Khurana, CEO and MD of BPL Medical Technologies – parent company of Penlon Ltd

Sigma EVA has been built on an advanced technology platform that has enabled Penlon to secure UK patents. Penlon has also filed for US and China patents which are pending. The technology platform will be used for future product developments.

Penlon Ltd has been designing, manufacturing and distributing vaporizers and anaesthesia systems for 75 years and has a deserved reputation for high quality, reliable products. Recognition for success has come in the form of four Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Penlon Ltd is a BPL Medical Technologies and Goldman Sachs Portfolio Company.

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POSTED: 15/10/2019
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