CORONAVIRUS: Penlon’s response to the COVID-19 situation

Penlon is ready to respond to requests for ventilators and patient monitors for the NHS.


We are in discussions with the MHRA and other authorities at the moment but waiting for firm requirement information from them.

Penlon manufactures Anaesthesia machines and ventilators in the UK – exporting to several countries across the world. We are one of only two remaining companies that do this. The UK has only one manufacturer of ICU ventilators. The NHS is largely dependent on anaesthesia machines, ICU ventilators and other critical care products manufactured abroad.

The manufacture of medical devices, such as ventilators, is highly regulated and all products have to prove compliance with standards before being allowed on the market. Typically a new medical device takes two to three years to develop and launch. The idea that an engineering company can quickly manufacture medical devices, and comply with the rules, is unrealistic. Penlon already has the skills and approvals and is willing to cooperate with the Government or other UK companies to collectively meet the demand.

If the Government wants to be able to respond quickly to UK priorities then an Industrial Strategy needs to be established where Key domestic Industries are nurtured and supported. We look forward to that happening.

Penlon hopes to have the opportunity to be in contact with NHS purchasing this week to establish the best way ahead.

Helpful Links: MHRA website
POSTED: 17/03/2020
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