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Vivid Vue 12/10/8

The Penlon Vivid Vue 12, 10 and 8 Patient Monitors provide a flexible and efficient monitoring solution, suitable for use in all clinical areas. 

Compact design, extensive parameter options and multiple connectivity options provide flexibility for a wide variety of clinical situations, including the operating theatre and recovery. 

  • Anaesthesia and critical care patient monitor
  • 12”, 10” or 8” colour display with optional touchscreen
  • Up to seven waveforms
  • Optional anaesthetic gas monitoring*
  • Suitable for adult, paediatrics and neonates
  • User-friendly Standby and Night modes

NOW available with optional Anaesthetic Gas Monitoring*

Product quote
Vivid Vue 12/10/8

The intuitive user interface of the Vivid Vue 12/10/8 patient monitors enables clinical staff to quickly and easily monitor the patient’s physiological data

  • 12" (Vivid Vue 12), 10” (Vivid Vue 10) or 8” (Vivid Vue 8) TFT LCD colour display and optional touchscreen
  • Standard parameters: 5-lead ECG, SpO₂, NIBP, RESP and TEMP
  • Optional parameters: Masimo® SpO₂, Nellcor® SpO₂, Masimo® EtCO₂, 2-IBP, Masimo® Anaesthetic Gas*, 3-lead ECG and 12-lead ECG (Vivid Vue 12/10 only)
  • Up to 72-hour trend data storage
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Thermal recorder option
  • Soft-key controls for quick access to functions
  • Networkable as standard USB transfer of trend data and screen image capture
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

*Anaesthetic gas monitoring available for Vivid Vue 12 only

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