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Single Use Stone Extraction Balloon

The VedExtractor™ Single Use Stone Extraction Balloon is used in combination with an endoscope for the removal of stones in biliary duct.

  • Innovative three lumen design (guidewire, injection and inflation) for easier and more convenient insertion and radiography
  • Unique tapered catheter design aids insertion into papilla
  • Blast resistant balloon for improved safety during dilation
  • Radiopaque marks on both ends of the balloon are easy to observe under x-ray
  • The expandable channel allows contrast medium to smoothly pass through




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Part Number Outer Diameter (Fr) Length Balloon Size Endoscopic Channel
VDK-BAL-23-9/12/15-B 7.5 mm 2000 mm 09×12×15 mm ≥ 3.2 mm
VDK-BAL-23-15/18/20-B 7.5 mm 2000 mm 15×18×20 mm ≥ 3.2 mm
VDK-BAL-23-10/13/16-C 7.5 mm 2000 mm 10×13×16 mm ≥ 3.2 mm


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9 × 12 × 5 mm
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