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Nuffield 200

The Nuffield 200 is a pneumatically driven time-cycled ventilator with preset volume and flow rate for adult or paediatric patients.

  • Compact, easy to use
  • Multi-use capabilities, including Co-Axial Circuit, Ayre’s Tee Circuit, Circle System and Resuscitation
  • Use with a Newton Valve to deliver ultra low tidal volumes
Product quote
Nuffield 200

The Nuffield 200 Ventilator has an enviable reputation as a reliable compact, powerful and easy to use anaesthesia ventilator and is primarily for use with a Bain Co-Axial Circuit.

In addition the ventilator is equally suitable for use with an Ayre’s Tee Circuit for resuscitation, for High Frequency Positive Pressure Ventilation with the use of a bronchoscope injector, and in a closed circuit system incorporating a CO₂ absorber.

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