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After Sales Support

Life-Care™ and Life-Care Plus™

‘Life-Care’ and ‘Life-Care Plus’ are part of the Penlon Partnership for Life, our commitment to successful long-term partnerships between Penlon and all of our customers.

‘Life-Care’ starts with quality in-house design and manufacture, and flexibility of specification. Manufacturing systems at Penlon are certified to ISO 13485:2016 and all our products are CE marked. Penlon systems and facilities are regularly inspected and audited by the FDA, CSA, and other regulatory bodies. We consistently meet and exceed all the required levels of competence required by each agency. ‘Life-Care’ and ‘Life-Care Plus’ are designed to give our customers after-sales peace of mind.


Our comprehensive standard warranty and after-sales support package


Lifetime for Laryngoscopes
36 months for Delta vaporizers
36 months for Oriel patient monitors
12 months for capital equipment including Alpha vaporizers
Four months for hoses, breathing bags, bellows and masks (rubber or plastic)

Support Desk

Full-time technical personnel
All calls logged

Training Programs Available at extra cost

Contact the Service Department for details on fees and training dates.

Service Department

Anesthesia is our specialty; therefore, we provide the most proficient service and repair capabilities in the region.

While many anesthesia service providers only offer a handful of service plans, we work closely with our customers to design and tailor a plan to meet their high expectations and specific goals.

Life-Care Plus™

‘Life-Care Plus’ is an innovative customer service package with all the benefits of ‘Life-Care’, extended and enhanced with a range of additional services and warranties that customers can purchase to meet their particular needs. Each ‘Life-Care Plus’ scheme can be tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.